In the interest of archiving some of the links on Speak Up, I have re-posted them here, below the fold. Feel free to add commentary if you’d like.

*From Jeff Z on Henry Kernan ’09, who was awarded a Davis Projects for Peace grant: “In case folks missed it in the newsfeed, yet another example of a world class community engagement initiative from a Williams undergrad.”

*And from Larry George: An Eph/Midd merger,- Laura Davis ’98 and H. James Stahl tie the knot.

*Again from LG, a story on Derek Van Eck ’86, natural-resources fund manager, who says that oil may rise to $80 bucks a barrel by 2010.

*And a story about Barbara Ernst Prey ’79…“an artist, with a large body of Maine work (she’s a Long Islander and part-time Mainer)” who “Twice did the White House Christmas card…” 

*Later, from Jeff Z, an article by eph Taimur Khilji ’03, in which he writes of his return to his home, a post-9/11 Pakistan.

*From Parent ’12, a story on Ethan Zuckerman ’93 and one of his many ventures, Media Cloud, an internet news tracking system.

*And next, from LG: “Hank Bangser ‘70 takes on a new job, opines on No Child Left Behind, moves to the West Coast, and has a new grandchild.”

and: “Arthur Wheelock ‘65, Vermeer scholar and National Gallery of Art curator.”

*And last, but not least, on Fay Vincent:

From LG: “Fay Vincent speaking about steroids.” 

And from Mike: “The world would be a much better place if Fay Vincent were MLB commish. What a tremendous, honorable man. His love of Williams also came across strongly in an interview he did with the Record: “

I will stop here as some of the newer posts might yet be fodder for an inspired author. Thanks for all the links to Speak Up, and for those of you who are authors, please (feel free to) post them right on the front page next time!

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