Has been lighting up the news these last few days. My thoughts are that this could be very damaging to the United States. It has the potential to blow up in our faces big time.

This will damage Obama politically as well. The gain of chasing these demons could be more damaging to us than it is worth. I am sure others blogging here agree and disagree for a number of reasons.

Update 25 Aug 09: The Eph course below is sure to be interesting.

Fall 2009

Philosophy 238 – Justice, Terrorism, and Weapons of Mass Destruction (Sames as Political Science 237)
What is generally known as Just War Theory (JWT), first clearly formulated by Augustine and then developing both theistic and non-theistic variants, both of which have been forced to adapt as technological advances have brought with them new forms of violence that the theories must take into consideration, are currently challenged by terrorism, torture, and weapons of mass destruction. This seminar will review prominent current forms of JWT, examining how each deals with these challenges; its goal will be to discover, or perhaps in part to formulate, the currently best available theory concerning the political ethics of torture, terrorism, Counterterrorism, and the production and uses of weapons of mass destruction. Enrollment limit: 19. Preference given to prospective and current Philosophy and Political Science majors.
Instructor: WHITE

More thought provoking than my original post no doubt, which rated about a four out of ten on the Mancow scale of relevance to all things Eph.

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