Baccalaureate Address by Anne Garrels. I was struck by this passage.

I did not end up having my own children — not because I couldn’t but because I married the love of my life relatively late. My husband was older than I and already had children. He didn’t want more. It wasn’t an easy decision for me. Some friends said, “Hey, get knocked up, he’ll have to accept it,” but that wasn’t the way we dealt with things and that’s certainly not the way to start a marriage. Life is not what you expect it will be. Not having kids is one reason I ended up staying on the road for so long.

What percentage of Williams graduates have children? Does it differ by gender? Thinking about my own class, it seems like childlessness is much more common among the women than the men, but perhaps that is just my class or my acquaintences or my (faulty) perceptions.

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