Peter S. Nurnberg, Valedictorian, “It Takes a College.” I liked this part:

Examples of the help we received are all around us.

In the Fall of our freshman year, I remember dozens of you sitting with me every Thursday night in the math and science resource center as the class tutor, Todd Shayler — who one of my entrymates still incorrectly insists was the actor who played Stiffler in American Pie — unlocked the mysteries we needed to understand in order to solve Professor Adams’ Multivariable Calculus problem sets.

I have had the pleasure of buying Shayler lunch a couple of time and trying to share some words of wisdom about life in finance. At the time, I thought of this as part of my usual efforts to give advice to Ephs several years behind me in their finance careers. But now I can think of it as payback for Shaylor’s efforts with Nurnberg and his classmates.

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