When I opened this month’s issue of Runner’s World and read the Editor-in-Chief’s letter about running on routes that are near and dear to one’s heart, I could identify with him immediately. “Routes you call by single nicknames like celebrities or teammates” — this, I understand. The Willipedia entry for running, for instance, lists a dozen or so runs listed by one word only.


Then Willey mentioned that he went to Williams. “Ooh!” I exclaimed to my boyfriend, “the editor in chief of Runner’s World is a Williams grad!”

I read on. Willey talked about the loops called Gale and Blair, and about visiting Williams…

“Gale!” I exclaimed, “and Blair!” My boyfriend asked what I was talking about, and I explained that Gale was a shorter loop, Blair was longer, and if you wanted to, you could combine them into Gale-Blair or Blair-Gale…

I read on. Willey said the same thing I had just said!

I ran Gale on our last day, agreeing to meet my wife and kids at a local sandwich shop by 2:30. When I came down the final hill, where I could either turn left to head back to town or turn right to link up with Blair and do a few more miles, it was well past 2. I turned right. I’d have to run hard to make it on time. But I knew exactly where I was going.

For the full letter, see the screenshot above. I believe that when he says that “Blair climbs a dirt road that puts you smack dab in the middle of a Berkshire Mountains postcard,” he is talking about exactly the view you see in EphBlog’s masthead picture at the top of the page.

Happy running, David Willey!

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