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Well, it had to happen. What with all the pr, promo, and publicity behind movie releases, not to mention budgets that look like the cost of a day in Afghanistan, the “Best Picture” category of The Oscars will be increased from five nominations to ten for this years’ awards.

So what is the tenuous hook to ephdom besides Charles Brackett?

I think the moaning is already starting for the thumbs up/thumbs down results of the popularity of posters and their efforts.

“We wuz robbed” will echo against the virtual columns of EphBlog and rebound into the comments sections with the vigor of sonar seeking that damned U-boat!

So, in anticipation I looked up the history of what happened between 1934 and 1945 when the voting was stabilized at 5 nominees for Best Picture.

The Best don’t always win! Well, no surprise. Big Budgets have been their own self-fulfilling reward in the Hollywood from the studio system until our very day!.

In 1934 ( a momentous year for this writer) and 1935, 12 pictures were nominated each year.

1934 The Winner: “IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT”, The Pack: “The Barretts of Wimpole Street”, “Cleopatra”, “Flirtation Walk”, “The Gay Divorcee”, “Here Comes the Navy”, “The House of Rothschild”, “Imitation of Life”, “One Night of Love”, “The Thin Man”, “Viva Villa!”, and “The White Parade”.

1935 The winner 1935 The Winner: “MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY”, The Pack: “Alice Adams”, “The Broadway Melody of 1936”, “Captain Blood”, “David Copperfield”, “The Informer”, “Lives of a Bengal Lancer”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Les Miserables”, “Naughty Marietta”, “Ruggles of Red Gap”, and “Top Hat”

Not bad selections from great fields!

1939 saw “GONE WITH THE WIND” as the winner from a great field including “Dark Victory”, “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”, “Love Affair”, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, “Ninotchka”, “Of Mice and Men”, “Stagecoach”, “The Wizard of Oz”, and “Wuthering Heights”. I don’t give a damn!

But 1941 saw Roddy McDowell and a Wales setting with more double LLs than Peruvian ruminants with”HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY” beating “Citizen Kane”!

“Citizen Kane”, for crying out loud! “We wuz robbed”!, The 1941 other also-rans: “Blossoms in the Dust”, , “Here Comes Mr. Jordan”, “Hold Back the Dawn”, “The Little Foxes”, “The Maltese Falcon”, “One Foot in Heaven”, “Sergeant York”, and “Suspicion”

So get ready for wailing and gnashing of teeth when Price Ronithouse announces the standings early next month.

It should outdo Titanic.

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