Two weeks ago, I ran a 100-mile relay with two of my friends. I wrote an epic writeup about it, to which I will not unduly subject you. However, there was a Williams connection!

We were now deep into the other teams, passing lots of runners on each leg. Most of the other teams were running slower than we were, in particular slower than I was, so once we spotted someone ahead, it was a matter of time before we would have reeled them in.

However, some runners were not so easy to pass. A runner in pink appeared ahead of me, passing other runners. She would pass them, then I would pass them, but she stayed ahead of me. How could this be? No female was allowed to be faster than me! Fortunately, I was running just a bit faster than her, so I was able to slowly reel her in and then pass her. “Good job,” I said to her, as I did to each person I passed.

Just about then, we ran past a group of teammates giving out water. As I ran past, a woman cried out, “you a Williams girl with those shorts?”
“Yes!” I shouted, then called behind me, “class of ’07.”
“Go Ephs!” she called after me.

Would you have recognized the Williams connection if you had seen this person running down the road? I think it takes a dedicated alum to do that:

When we got to the transition and I stopped running, I met up with the woman in pink whom I had passed, whose teammate had identified my alma mater from my shorts. She introduced herself as a Williams alum from the ’90s (I forget which year — ’95?) who had been a swimmer in college. “You passed me!” she said, “but it’s okay, because you’re a Williams alum.”

Keep your eyes open for purple and yellow; you never know where it will show up next.

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