All right, so Harvard has beaten us to the merchandising punch with their line of Harvard Yard wearing apparel.

Come on, Hopkins Hall! let’s not let these panty waists get the better of us! Let’s get some of that retro cash just looking for the right product, ie with the resonance of the old-school refinement for which we were once so justly famous.

There are still plenty of categories just screaming out for that air of louche ‘50’s decadence that seems to be so popular among today’s Uber-rich!

I’ve taken the liberty of just tossing a few ruffs together as thought-starters.

Human need after the right clothes? Yes! the right food. And what better than the recipes made famous by those bygone fraternity chefs!

And drinking! Well, come on! Lanesboro and the Purple Cow Brand just need to be updated.

OK! OK! Hardgoods! Electronics! Lets get the tech of the nerds in touch with the feel of the Fifties.

Still more action, you say? What ever happened to those great gas-guzzlers that said I have arrived?
williams autos

What still bigger, more impressive? How about this line for the construction industry ? Is this the answer for jump-starting those new housing starts or what?
The Baxter

Let’s get rolling, Hopkins Hall. There is cash to be had. All we have to do is cash in!!

No need to sing the praises of any dusty town, where grand old Graylock raises her financially fungible crown!

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