(In the words of Parent ’12)

Concert at the Bechstein Piano Centre

Sept. 4- “Chopin with a side of Beethoven”

(Thanks to Ronit for posting this concert on EB.) 

 It was a first for me to hear a concert in a store, which raised questions of marketing.  Would I buy a Bechstein?  Could I afford a Bechstein?   How big a Bechstein would fit in my home?  Who comes to these concerts?

It also was a first to be at an Eph-related event (Joe Shippee ’07 performed) that was not at Williams or the Williams Club.  Although Ronit & I did not cross paths, I did overhear comments between different generations like… he was 2 years behind me… I lived in Currier, did you?  … do you think things (clearly referring to the economy) have changed?

It was an interesting concert with a traditional program.  The program notes were interesting– bulleted highlights accompanied with score excerpts… like reading someone’s notes for a class.  The bios were interesting– Mr. Shippee was joined by a friend, Christopher Schmitt (Juilliard ’09), whom he had met while at a summer music camp when they were both in high school.  

If I were to buy a Bechstein, I would want to have Mr. Schmitt play it regularly.  As Joe remarked, one of their teachers at the camp, if given the option, would curl up under the piano while Chris played.

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