Maria Tucker ’10 asks:

Do you think the college could release a list of how much it pays employees? Do other schools do this? I know they probably wouldn’t want to, but I mean, we’re paying the bills–we should know.

1) Don’t kids today read EphBlog? The Form 990s we have collected reveal a great deal about the pay of very senior administrators and faculty. Check them out.

2) The sleaziest pay scandal at Williams involves Chief Investment Office Collete Chilton. Is there a Record reporter interested in this story? Call me. I give excellent quote.

3) Form 990 only lists the 5 highest paid employees, along with senior officers. So, we have very little data on what the vast majority of employees are paid. This is very different than at a state school with open records laws, like the University of California system.

4) We know lots about faculty compensation. Also, looking at the highest faculty salaries is always fun. Shout out to all our professor readers! ;-)

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