What classes should current students consider for the fall semester?

1) Take a tutorial! Every semester that you don’t take a tutorial at Williams is another semester that you are making a mistake. I like the looks of:

HIST 486 Fall 2009 Historical Memory of the Pacific War. Professor Eiko Maruko Siniawer ’97 is one of the best professors in the History Department.

ECON 458 Fall 2009 Economics of Risk with Professor William Gentry. Readers have song the praises of this class in the past. Alas, because there are not enough economics professors, this class is probably already full. Same is probably true of ECON 395 Fall 2009 Growth and Sustainability with Professor Ken Kuttner. If not, try to get in.

PSCI 352 Fall 2009 Comparative Political Economy. I don’t know Professor Ngonidzashe Munemo but this is a great topic. In general, I suspect that tutorials taught by enthusiastic new professors are especially good. I love that the syllabus includes work by Barrington Moore ’36.

PSCI 355 Fall 2009 Realism (W) with Professor Michael MacDonald, lead author of the Report on Varsity Athletics. MacDonald was an intense professor 20 years ago and, I have heard, is an intense professor today. Taking a tutorial with him would be the intellectual highlight of your Williams career.

ENGL 331 Fall 2009 Romantic Experiments with Professor Peter Murphy, a former Dean of the College. One of the nicest professors at Williams. This class is especially recommended for our Division III-focused readers. Expand your horizons!

More below:

UPDATE: I was hopeful that this post would generate some class suggestions from our readers. Please chime in!

2) Those interested in finance/business careers should follow this advice.

3) What is up with PSCI 125 Fall 2009 Power, Leadership and Legitimacy: An Introduction to Leadership Studies? The professor is listed as Chip Chandler ’72, appointed two years ago as the Class of 1948 Distinguished Visiting Professor of Leadership Studies. Needless to say, it very unusual (unheard of?) for a someone to be appointed to a faculty position without a Ph.D. Yet I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Chandler’s Winter Study class so this is worth checking out. (Can anyone provide a link to the charming write up about the Winter Study class from the Alumni Review? I can’t make the search functionality work. By the way, even though I have admired (and sought to emulate) Chandler’s continued interactions at Williams, I only just now put two and two together . . . )

4) Some specifics:

ANSO 206 Fall 2009 Social Theory with Professor Michael Brown, a long-time friend of EphBlog. Yes, it supposedly requires either Anthropology 101 or Sociology 101 but you are a smart EphBlog reader, so just skip them. (Indeed, skipping the 100 (even 200) level classes in all departments outside of languages and Div III is almost always a good idea. Be bold in your course selections.

ANTH 391 Fall 2009 Insurgencies: Revolts, Revolutions, Wars of National Liberation, and Jihads with Professor Peter Just. Haven’t taken any ANTH or SOC courses? Don’t worry. Just dive in! I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Just as a professor. Also, he is the only faculty member who has ever been listed on our About Page who has, so far, been brave/foolish/disinterested enough to not request that we remove his name. Check out this class.

PHIL 226 Fall 2009 Big Games: The Spiritual Significance of Sports. You can’t go wrong with a Will Dudley ’89 class.

PHIL 401 Fall 2009 Senior Seminar: Skepticism. But wait, you say. This course is only for senior philosophy majors. That may be what the catalog says, but I bet that Joe Cruz ’91 has room for a couple of other students who think/know that they are as smart as those verbose philosophy majors. Just tell Joe that EphBlog sent you!

What say our readers?

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