Looking for an extra-curricular activity. How about the Dance Company?

Auditions are open to any student interested in modern and ballet dance technique, choreography, improvisation, etc. You do not need to be fluent in all of these areas in order to audition. We encourage all interested students to attend; less experienced dancers who demonstrate promise may be invited to participate initially as apprentices/understudies. Audition will consist of a ballet barre, modern center and traveling combinations, repertory, and improvisation. You may prepare a short solo of material to be performed as part of your audition, but this is not required.

Although I was skeptical of Dance as an academic department, I am a huge fan of dance as an activity at Williams. Give it a try! However:

Please wear clothing you are comfortable moving in, but nothing baggy. We need to be able to see your body.

Is that code for “No fatties need apply?” I know nothing about Dance, so perhaps I am missing something. But it sure seem like dropping 10 pounds before the audition would be good idea.

I have no opinion on whether this is a good policy or a bad one. I am shocked that such a request would be made so openly. What say our readers?

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