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Week 10: 09/09/09!

I want to start off by thanking Jacob for really stepping up last week and writing a reflection that really got me thinking about the reading and this idea of being “boring” or, in my interpretation “apathetic” (or even better, exchanging emotions for sensory experiences). A good page goal for this week would be somewhere around 795. It makes me wonder if the characters who seem the most stuck are addicted to an emotion just like they would be to any substance. Anyone else who would like to post be sure to get in contact with me, and even though we’re running out of weeks, I for one am really excited to hear what everyone has to say.

Also, I have mentioned this before, but DFW’s unfinished project The Pale King looks a lot at the subject of boredom, and several excerpts have been published in the New Yorker. Here’s one for those of you who are interested. It’s about an IRS agent who starts hallucinating due to boredom, which in my opinion makes boredom just like any other drug in it’s own way.

But in honor of 09/09/09 I have some quotes from pages whose number includes the number 9, and see how their meaning has been informed by our further reading, or in the case of some of the things we haven’t gotten to, what do you think they mean.

And then this one doesn’t have a 9 in the page number, but it’s in honor of Beetles Rock Band which came out today:

You’ll notice there are only 8 quotes here. Add a 9th! No matter how random it seems, you can never underestimate DFW and Infinite Jest.

One final note: as Jacob mentioned, classes start this week at Williams. This of course means it will become incredibly difficult for some of us to stay on pace. I was wondering if anyone on campus who has been following this blog would be interested in actually meeting up to discuss or just give moral support as we come to the end of our Infinite Summer. Post a comment with your ideas of what kind of Infinite Jestivities you’d like to see on campus this month! Happy Reading!