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John F. Raynolds ‘51 This innovator devised strategies that led to development of the U.S. Navy Seals…

From his high school (Blake School) Outstanding Alumni award:

Mr Raynolds was a “co-founder of the U.S. Navy Seals…”

Both these claims are being challenged by members of the UDT/ SEAL Museum and Naval Special Warfare Archives.  Clarification, please?

UPDATE 9/11/09: The college webpage has been updated to reflect that Mr Raynolds was UDT during Korea, and that that unit, evolved into the SEAL Teams. UDT during Korea is no small matter. It was a highly effective combat unit involved in many high risk operations. John Raynolds was in Class 6 which graduated in November of 1952. He was one of those officers added to the Teams because of the build up of men to serve in the Korean War. There is very little on file for him, but he is in a couple of well known books about the Teams. He didn’t stay in the Teams after the Korean War ended.

It is very important that people maintain factual discipline and do not inflate military credentials.  Great to find he was a frogman.

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