From Time:

A funky roommate named recession is settling in on campuses this fall as colleges and universities slash budgets for virtually everything from salad bars to ski teams. U.S. colleges and universities suffered, on average, a 23% endowment drop in the second half of last year, according to a study by a group of campus business officers. That reduction in funding has set off a scramble to freeze hiring, cut hours and hunker down until the economy improves.

WISCONSIN LUTHERAN COLLEGE Lost its political-science major.

GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY Told faculty and staff to take as many as eight days of unpaid leave.

BRYN MAWR COLLEGE Saved $900 when its women’s swim team held a virtual meet against nearby Dickinson; each team’s swimmers raced in their home pool, and then they compared times to declare winners.

HARVARD UNIVERSITY Got rid of weekday hot breakfasts at undergrad dorms, saving $900,000.

Here’s the rest. Williams has instituted some of the other items already.

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