John Raynolds was in UDT Class 6 which graduated in November of 1952. He was a part of the officer corps added to the Teams because of the build up of men to serve in the Korean War. The training for this unit included Hell Week, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 . They were the predecessors of the US Navy SEAL Teams.

The UDT men in Korea began to find themselves more and more operating on land in a series of commando raids. Their assignments included destroying a railway bridge and blowing up railroad tunnels to disrupt North Korean operations and supply lines. It was during the Korean War that UDT men pioneered in sneak inland penetration missions to gather intelligence data and to destroy specific strategic targets such as roads and bridges in the near-coastal area.  Night insertion and reconnaissance became important in Korea.

Kudos to John Raynolds and his honorable record of service to our nation!

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