This is a summary post of various news items from Speak Up. 

*From DK:

“Any Ephs in the Vanity Fair 100?”

(BTW, I think I spotted Herb Allen in the list.)

*Then From Nuts:

“Morgan, a recent graduate writes:
Yes We Can Stop Glenn Beck and Save Van Jones”

And a Mica tweet-spotting:

“Williams event less than a week away.. Cant wait to get back to the purple mountains! And to run up Bee Hill!” tweet

And several comments on faculty appoinments:

*From JeffZ:

“Hmmm. I guess someone REALLY liked their frosh year at Williams ….

Stephen C. Sheppard has been named the Class of 2012 Professor of Economics. His research interests include urban economics, land use regulation, housing markets, local public finance, and environmental economics. He has taught courses on microeconomic theory, public finance, and natural resource economics. His work has been published in books and journals including the Journal of Urban Economics, Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs, and the Journal of Regional Science. Sheppard received his B.Sc. from the University of Utah in 1977 and his Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis in 1984.”

*From P ’12:

Can a professor have 2 named chairs? Do these chairs expire?

Sheppard is listed on Williams website as Robert F. White Class of 1952 Professor of Economics.

And again…

“2 New Named Chairs in Economics- Kuttner & Sheppard

Update: After searching the press releases, Kuttner became Robert F. White Class of 1952 Professor of Economics when Sheppard became Class of 2012 Professor of Economics. Of note, they both were at Oberlin just before arriving at Williams.

Can anyone provide background on appointments in general.”


“Visiting Faculty for 2009-10

Francis Oakley, the Edward Dorr Griffin Professor of the History of Ideas, Emeritus, at Williams College, and President Emeritus of the college, will be a visiting professor of history in the spring.

List of distinguished artists & scholars-“

Then on the political front:

From Ronit: 

Wonkette on Tom Friedman’s chat on Charlie Rose

And from HWC: 

“I signed a Martha Coakley ballot-petition today.”







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