David’s recent series concerning a 1986 letter to the editor has garnered an astounding collective rating of minus 198 (and counting).  Yet, I am confident that we can easily trump this record-low total.  My suggested ideas for next week’s post series, to save David from ignominy:

  • Caught Red Handed!: photos of, and speculation about, cheating Ephs (aka, Ephblog Page Six)
  • Ephblog Writing Workshop: we utterly eviscerate random undergrad / high school composition papers
  • I Pick Your Thesis Topic (NB: hope you are interested in race, gender, and/or athletic recruiting)
  • Proposed Budget Cuts: a 735 day, 19,200 part series
  • You Suck!: we all call each other douchebags
  • Carnival Guesser: name an Eph, we guess their SAT score based on their athletic and racial affiliation
  • Old-Timey Fun: republish a random racist letter to the editor from 1932, dare current minority faculty members to respond as if they were living in 1932
  • Choose Amherst
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