Greg Crowther ’95, left us a gem on “Speak Up”. He says:

I just posted a blog entry that is partly about Bill Bowerman, one of the great track coaches of the 20th century. The book I’m reading about him, “Bowerman and the Men of Oregon” by Kenny Moore, opens with the following quote: “A guru gives us himself and then his system; a teacher gives us his subject, and then ourselves.” Quick, what’s the Williams connection?

You guessed it — it’s a line from Adam Gopnik’s essay on Kirk Varnedoe, as previously featured on EphBlog. I was shocked (and pleased) to run across this quote again, since I only read about two books per year. Anyway, the Bowerman book is a great read for those interested in sports mentors and the like.

I have been stopping by Greg’s site ever since Ronit posted this lovely piece by him a while back. He writes about running, and in this essay in particular, a type of training called “HARD/EASY”. He cites Coach Bowerman as an early sourceadvocate of this principle, and quotes writer Kenny Moore on the man:

“Take a primitive organism,” Bowerman would say. “Any weak, pitiful organism. Say a freshman. Make it lift, or jump or run. Let it rest. What happens? A little miracle. It gets a little better. It gets a little stronger or faster or more enduring. That’s all training is. Stress. Recover. Improve.”

Read the whole thing. Like all good writers who write about their passion, Crowther’s words will inspire you to yours, whatever that may be.

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