Frank and I had an exchange about safety at a school like Yale in New Haven, v a place like Williams. Is safety a consideration for parents and students when choosing a college? Williams is in a sleepy little New England town, it has its own internal housing and dinning, essentially sheltered from the world. No doubt, it is very safe. The students do not mix much with the outside populace. Is that better for education? Do young people learn something more from living on the economy and interacting with the larger culture around them? Is a “safer place” really better for a young adults development?

Are the bonds that are formed by Williams graduates and the high degree of loyalty and % of alumni giving partially related to the fact that the Williams experience is a unique experience that everyone shares? Is it harder for the individual to have a unique experience in a setting like that? Does Williams impact its students more culturally than other places because it is so self contained?

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