bellini final

Peaches are at their peak in the Gorge and the August Ladies and September Reds are absolutely luscious!

It is time to enjoy a Rectal Turgidley, Jr recommendation: The Bellini.

That painting behind the glass soon to be imbibed or bathed in by the various gods and goddesses is indeed by Giovanni Bellini (≠1514) and completed by his disciple Titian.

Bellini was the favorite artist of the Venetian restaurateur/ hotelier Giuseppe Cipriani and Cipriani first whipped up the drink in 1943 to honor him. “Harry’s Bar” is a Cipriani creation. Old English majors may remember that the Locanda Cipriani on Torcello was where Hemingway spent the month of November, 1948 completing “Across the River and into the Trees”.

The recipe is simplicity itself.

Puree a peach and add Asti Spumanti. Maybe a drop of brandy for substance. Serve straight up.

Cin Cin!

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