Utterback 2

The MacArthur Foundation has made artist Camille Utterback, one of its ’09 Fellows.

Interactive and/or computer-generated artwork has been an important part of the contemporary art scene for quite a while now , but Utterback’s work is some of the most unique. Through the use of an installed camera, her video installations capture the trajectory of the viewer  and respond. The piece moves and changes as a result.  In effect, each viewing becomes a completely new work. Utterly engaging!

Don’t miss this short video in which she describes her work. And learn more about her on her site, here.

Congrats to Ms. Utterback on her MacArthur Award. I look forward to seeing, and taking part in, her work.


Update from Ronit’s comment @ 11:

*Ethan Zuckerman congratulates Utterback, a friend and past intern of Tripod.

*And MASS MoCA tips their hat to her as well.

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