Quad Cred
would seem to indicate that while we may have student readers, they may prefer to remain anonymous on the site and perhaps to fellow students. This may be a case of Quad Cred.

And certainly indicates to me the need for a student, either id’d or not id’d, as a member of our Board. There are five of us right now, all guys and all older, although no one is as old as me.

I also see the Board as needing a parent!

Volunteer for the Board? Are you kidding??

Relax! The Board is not here to mete out punishment or to set arbitrary rules of style. We consider our readership capable of handling the various and sundry forms of rhetorical device used to pull the wool over one’s eyes. After all, we are living in the world of insidious media in many invidious forms.

We should, I feel, with an allowance for the very occasional post from Hell/Comment from the Devil, be fostering new posters and encouraging more comments.

What EphBlog needs is participation that is rewarded and recognized rather than shat upon.

To make this happen, we need the inputs of readers!

We need a Board with representatives from the readership.

If you are interested, you can send a note to the EphBlog button, chime in on ‘comments’ below, or if you don’t want to take off that Vader mask, I am dick@swart.org.

Dick Swart 1956

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