Inspired by John Wilson’s ’64 masterful organization of the Williams Form 990s, this post serves as a repository of the document that Williams sends to all alumni each fall, generally titled “A Report from Williams YYYY”. Huge thanks to the Alumni Office, especially Director of Communications Rob White, for providing most of these documents. We will update this listing each year.

Some of the reports had specific themes, including special subtitles. Some don’t. In general, the most interesting portions are the descriptions of the College’s spending and endowment policies.

A Report from Williams 2008.

A Report From Williams 2007.

A Report From Williams 2006: Teaching at Williams: An Enduring Ideal.

A Report From Williams 2005: Financial Aid: There is a reason Hopkins Gate is always open.

A Report From Williams 2004. (Apologies for the size/location of this file but it is too big to store at EphBlog. Could someone please do some Adobe magic to turn this into a smaller pdf?)

A Report From Williams 2003: The Williams Campaign.

A Report From Williams 2001-2002: Celebrating the Performing Arts.

A Report From Williams (for 2001).

I don’t think that similar reports were filed in the 90s. But surely the College provided some sort of basic financial information to alumni. Does anyone know where we might find that?

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