DSC_0516I am occasionally accused are gratuitously posting provocative pictures of female Ephs. An unfair slur!

I post pictures of everyone, provocative or not, female or not. Just as there is nothing wrong with posting and admiring provocative pictures of Eph applicants, Eph wives and Eph graduates (assuming that the pictures are ones that the women in question do not object to), there is nothing wrong with posting the picture, provocative or not, of scantily (?) clad male Ephs.

And so I give you Morgan Goodwin ’08.

Morgan, a former EphBlog author, is working at Action Factory DC. The picture is from a protest event at Bonner & Associates. All good fun.

Those suspicious of who is paying Goodwin and his cohorts a salary to stage these sorts of events should follow the money. What group most benefits from a larger federal role in regulating carbon emissions specifically and economic activity more broadly?

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