Re: stack

Many know the story of the Haystack Monument but only really old guys know the story of the Hotdog Monument;.

In October of 1806, after spending an afternoon speculating on hogbelly futures, four students – Swift, Hormel, Armour, and Nathan, were caught in one of those infamous Williamstown autumn thunderstorms. To avoid being drenched through, they took refuge under a near-by hotdog stack. At that time in American history, the hotdog was known only in very small parts of our new country, and for the most part was used as fodder for goats or as a powerful emitic,

But when the four young men emerged to a now-sunlit day, the American Board of Hotdog Missions had been formed. Soon, the hotdog had reached preeminance.!n fact in just a short time, it had gone “from a hotdog to a national institution”, and soon after, -”an International institution”!

Thus the story of the growth of American enterprise began when four earnest young Williams students escaped a rain storm. This shows the importance of being earnest. And the hymn they wrote the very next day still rings true today.

Pickle in the middle and the mustard on top,
just the way you like ‘em, and they’re always hot!

You can look it up!

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