I am really enjoying the September issue of the Williams Alumni Review. It is beautifully done, and there are several articles I’d like to post for discussion.

For starters, the inside back cover is all about the Travel-Study Program for 2010. I pored through the listings and they are enticing. Mind you, I come from a family of seasoned travelers, we don’t usually shine to any kind of group/tour  arrangements, but these sound pretty great.


Portugal’s Douro River (June 24-July 5)

Sailing on a comfortable riverboat from Porto to Spain, making tasty connections between culture and cuisine with Gastronomica editor Darra Goldstein, the Francis Christopher Oakley Third century Professor of Russian, Two days in Lisbon are included.

Hmmm, I haven’t been to Portugal, and I especially  like the “tasty connections” part. Sustenance is a priority for me. 

Now this one might better appeal to my husband. He is of a more adventurous nature (and is largely the reason why I spent a week on the Amazon in a very uncomfortable riverboat, and with nary a “tasty connection” to speak of):

Red Sea Civilizations (jan 24-Feb 7)

Examine antique sites in Egypt, Jordan and Israel, from the Pyramids to Petra (including nine days aboard a small ship), with history professor Magnus Bernhardsson. 

Yup, throw in a dig and he’ll be especially happy.

So, have any of you taken one of these trips? Or find one of these especially enticing? Or have any stories to tell about your own travel-related “replenishing of the curious mind”? Because I am planning to get the heck out of Dodge soon, and a few real reminders of the wonder of a new destination, will help me deal with the less wonderful stuff (airports, security lines, delays, lost bags, etc.) in between.





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