The Record’s website is running quickly for the moment, so here’s an edition of BotR with links as usual. Some articles aren’t up, so this edition is incomplete.

Tenure denial endangers future of linguistics dept.
Last spring’s tenure decision appeal by Nathan Sanders, assistant professor of linguistics, has been denied by the Committee on Appeals and Promotions (CAP), meaning that Sanders is now embarking on his seventh and final year at Williams. The College has no plans to make any hires in the linguistics department for the 2010-2011 year.

News of the outcome of the appellate process, like the news of Sanders’ original denial, has prompted further reactions of shock and disconcertion among his students, raising questions about the future ability of students to study linguistics at the College….

Chapin Hall stage violates fire code
Due to fire code violations, Chapin Hall will no longer host large musical events for the foreseeable future. According to David Kechley, professor of music and chair of the music department, the stage extension used to accommodate bigger groups onstage violates the building’s fire code. A Williamstown building inspector discovered the violation last year after attending a concert in Chapin Hall.

The inspector gave the College a year to “figure it out,” Kechley said. He explained that the College began negotiating the creation of a fireproof stage extension over the summer, but discovered additional hurdles, including upgrades to the sprinkler and smoke evacuation systems and alterations to the exits. The updates will likely cost into the millions….

Sawyer/Schow schism
…I sometimes wonder what causes the boredom, irritation and consequent shutdown of curiosity that accompanies discussion about science. “I don’t know anything about science” should sound as ridiculous as “I don’t know anything about literature, history, philosophy or art.” This statement wouldn’t be so frustrating if “I don’t know anything about science” didn’t carry along the undertone of “I don’t care to learn anything about it,” which again is as absurd as refusing to learn about literature, history, philosophy or art. Such an attitude is antithetical to a liberal arts education….

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