A couple of weeks ago, Jeff Z came up with a great idea:

Random thought on potential Ephblog feature: although I recently tweaked David for applauding his own prior post, it did get me to thinking, there is no best of Ephblog or anything like that for new readers to glance at … maybe on one designated day some of the regular authors could each pick 5-10 of their favorite past posts and compile links to such posts in a single post on the main page? It seems a bit egomaniacal if one person does it, but if we all do, less so …

With that in mind, take a moment to think about the posts that have caught your fancy. If you can remember them well enough to fish them out of  “Categories”, or through “Search”, then make a link in your comment. If you don’t have the time or inclination to find the post, or only vaguely remember the discussion, then give us a hint and we can try to sleuth it out.

I have created a new category called “Best of Ephblog”, and your nominations will deem a post gets filed into this category.

So, take a little stroll down EB Memory Lane, and let us know what comes up. I will start off with a few of my own favorites, and link them in Comments.

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