Dear Mr. Johnson,

Tonight I was embarrassed to be a resident of Williamstown. As I was leaving the First Chance party (for Williams College seniors, the vast majority of whom are over 21 years old), I was harassed by a WPD officer. I do not know his name, because upon my asking of his name and badge number he only offered expletives and threatening phrases. However, he did curse at me several more times (Asking about how my job opportunities would suffer after me possible getting a felony, which I did not deserve as I had simply asked him, without any malice in my voice, why the party had been broken up and then not been allowed to give out alcohol to 21-24 year olds after 11:45 pm, which can be verified by the many people) and threaten me with physical violence, to the point that I feared for my own safety. I did not expect this unacceptable behavior, as my experiences with WPD have been very positive until this point. However, this person was an embarrassing outlier to the normally exemplary WPD force, and I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to point out the officer who stepped beyond his normal bounds, since I believe that WPD is, for the most part, a very understanding group. Thank you for your understanding and continued protection of Williamstown.


(name redacted after request)

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