Commenter “1980” writes to us that Morty Schapiro is being “sworn in” as President of Northwestern this Friday. As you might imagine there are a number of campus activities surrounding this event. Northwestern is very enthusiastic about their new President:

The inauguration festivities will kick off late Wednesday night when President Schapiro holds a “LiveWired Conversation.” Northwestern students will have an opportunity to go online and chat with President Schapiro and leaders of student organizations who will be with the president at Norris University Center. Students are encouraged to participate, either in person or online.

Tickets are also still available to a special inauguration concert featuring Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter John Legend that will be held at 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9 at Welsh-Ryan Arena. A valid WildCARD is required to purchase tickets, which are available at

On Saturday, the inauguration festivities will conclude with festivities at Wildcat Alley north of Welsh-Ryan Arena and the Northwestern football game against Miami of Ohio at Ryan Field. Kick-off for the game is 11 a.m. and Wildcat Alley will open two hours prior to game time.

At halftime of the game, four teams of Northwestern students representing each undergraduate class will participate in the “Schapiro Challenge” – a special relay race that will include wheelbarrows, textbooks and dizzy bat spinning and officiated by President Schapiro. Students are invited to cheer on their class during the special event.

On a slightly less respectful note, one of the student newspapers at Northwestern decided to welcome Morty to campus via a quiz entitled President’s first encounter with a drunk freshman: choose your own adventure!, which contains gratuitous insults about Williams:

Here at Northwestern, we aren’t limp-limbed intellectuals like those kids at Williams, we are proactive doers. You would have been better-off kicking her down the stairs.

We won’t stoop to that level here on EphBlog. We have a great deal of respect for Northwestern, which is easily the second- or third-best university in the Chicago area. And on the topic of drunk freshmen, I would wager that the average Williams freshman can drink the average NU freshman under the table, so Morty should have no trouble adjusting.

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