‘Record’ accrues $12k debt due to lagging revenues
The economic troubles that hit reached the Purple Bubble over a year ago did not spare The Williams Record, the College’s only independent newspaper, which reports a current financial deficit of approximately $12,000. Although the student-run publication generally closes the year with some debt, a sharp recent decline in revenue has dug the hole deeper. Record Business Manager Marcello Halitzer ’12 has outlined a plan of recovery largely based on an increased focus on national advertising.

Halitzer attributes the debt to a drop-off in advertising and subscribers over a period of several years. Subscriptions have seen the greatest loss, decreasing by 200- to 300-percent over the past two years. Typically, campus ads make up one third or more of the paper’s yearly revenue, and these and local ads have shrunk dramatically to next to nothing. National advertising is the only revenue that has risen over time and now makes up about half of the revenue for the past year….

Whole article here.

The new Record Website is set to debut in a week, according to a full page ad this week. The paper has been losing an average of $4500 each year since 2007. The paper would appreciate any and all donations, and is espeically in placement within the wills of wealthy & childless Ephs. (Or anyone, for that matter.)

More seriously, if you are interested in the goings on of Williams, please consider a subscription, which is $45 dollars a semester. You can get those via the website as well, or via mail to The Williams Record, Paresky, Williamstown 01267.

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