For the purposes of archiving, a round up of misc. alumni news from “Speak Up”. 

*From Ronit:

Articles by or about two Eph Marines:

Steve Forrester ‘68, editor of the Daily Astorian in Oregon

NYT profile of the work Jerry Rizzo ‘87 has done with the Cornell football team


*And on David Kaiser:

David Kaiser: Afghanistan – an historical perspective


*And from Dave:

Lots of Wade Rathke ‘71 material.



And again from Dave:

On Elia Kazan ‘31 v. Roman Polanski: “It’s instructive to note which crimes Hollywood deems forgivable.”


*And Jeff posts Chan Lowe on Polanski:

Well-said AND well-drawn:


*And ’12 on Bob Quay ’04:

I think the Outing Club now has a trail crew fellowship in bob’s honor.

*And then from HWC on Coakley:

OK, on this Coakley deal. My wife — who would know — tells me that the deadline for filing 10,000 signatures to get into the race is tomorrow. Now, I suppose that the legislature could change that law, too. For all intents and purposes, though, if Princess Caroline is not in the race by tomorrow, she’s not in the race.

So, I’m scratching my head. Why the Kirk move? As far as I can tell, Dukakis was viewed as an excellent choice, especially for his ability to appeal across all the Dem constituent groups.

Then, it comes out in the AP article today. Kirk has spent the last ten years as a registered lobbyist for the pharmaceutical companies — you know, the guys who have a deal with Obama to keep their ox from being gored. How convenient. The Kennedy’s just shoved a big Pharma guy down our throats.

Oh, and I’m sure Chris Dodd was all for it. Kirk is also on the board of the Hartford Insurance Companies.

And, politicians wonder why there is so much cynicism and distrust?

*From Ronit:


*And from Nuts on Bennett:


Coakley interviewed re: views on a range of issues


Speaking of Bennett, entertaining photo from TPM:

This summit is hilarious. Personal favorite:


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