Morty seems to be moving into gear at Northwestern, with an emphasis on inclusivity and environmental issues. 

“We have a long way to go before our institutions can be considered truly inclusive,” said Morton Schapiro, the school’s 16th president. “I’m not talking about tolerance. People don’t want to be tolerated. They want to be full members of the community.”

Schapiro, 56, said he would work to ensure that the 158-year-old university helps provide an education for people of all backgrounds. During a 90-minute ceremony resplendent with scores of professors in colorful regalia, he also stressed that Northwestern has a moral imperative to use its resources to help address environmental issues.

“I’ve lived in this country all of my life and the environmental degradation that my generation has witnessed and implicitly approved sometimes makes me embarrassed to face my three children,” he said.

The conventional wisdom, Schapiro said, was that once developing countries become rich enough, they can afford to care about the environment. Trained as an economist, he said he didn’t find that argument compelling.

“There’s a moral and an economic imperative not to delay” in addressing the problem, he said. “And Northwestern needs to help lead those efforts.”

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