To the Williams Community,

This is called trying to make the most of a situation that’s far from perfect.

The weather forecast for tomorrow reads like one for the Russian steppes. But some faculty have designed their courses with the thought that classes would not be held on one of these three Fridays, and the desire to have some kind of celebration tomorrow runs deep.

Therefore I have decided to call tomorrow Siberian Mountain Day — calling on the Outing Club, student leaders, and others to devise ways for there to be safe, communal fun tomorrow, some of it even outdoors.

I’m letting you know earlier than usual because so much curricular and other planning depends on this information.

Scott Lewis will e-mail you in the morning with a revised schedule of tundra-friendly activities.

This turn of events raises another set of issues for the Calendar and Schedule Committee to consider in its review of the Mountain Day program, which was already scheduled for this academic year.

But for now let’s see how we can make tomorrow memorable despite the challenges.

With regards,
Bill Wagner
Interim President

EDIT: Bear in mind that Mountain Day cannot be next weekend – that’s family days, and many parents want to visit class. Furthermore, professors have already scheduled Mountain Day into their calendars – three bad Fridays in a row have never happened since Mountain Day was made spontaneous. I do not agree with any suggestion to push it back further.

My idea was just to cancel classes and let students do what they will. I like this compromise much better.

SECOND EDIT: Apparently our weather forecast for tomorrow is the same as that for a town in Siberia. Two points to Wagner.

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