Posted by ’12 in an earlier thread, but I think it deserves front-page placement, because this makes me very, very proud of Williams:

There may be no donuts, no cider, and no singing, but there is still a Stony Ledge. And tomorrow is Mountain Day. And so it must be climbed.

THERE WILL NOT BE A SUNRISE. The weather will be miserable. Do not
come on this trek expecting a sunrise. You will almost certainly be
disappointed. If you have never been to Stony Ledge before, this is
probably not the time.

Meet at 6am *sharp* (if you think you’ll be late, this means get there
at 5:50) on Chapin steps. We will not wait. Bring a headlamp, a
backpack with a water bottle – fill it with hot water – and WARM
CLOTHES including rain gear. It will be in the 20s, windy, and
probably snowing on Stony Ledge. If you show up without appropriate
clothing, you won’t come.

Plan on arriving back on campus around 9:15am.

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