Thompson Memorial Chapel 2, originally uploaded by Bill McBride.

EphBlog is considering supplementing our Speak Up feature with a regular “open thread,” a place where people could engage in discussion about whatever they find interesting. For fun, we plan on including a Williams College image from flickr with each such post. Comments:

1) I am posting this directly from flickr using their blog this tool. Any suggestions for making this process easier/cooler would be much appreciated.

2) Thoughts on the idea? Would an open thread be useful? One of our motivations is that saving/organizing the posts from Speak Up is a bother.

3) What should be done with Speak Up? Certainly any back-and-forth discussions will belong in these open threads. (We are currently planning to call them Purple Noise.) We may just move such comments from Speak Up over. Or we might just delete them. Speak Up is useful, perhaps, because it provides an easy mechanism for someone to post something. Do we owe such posters the effort of keeping archiving their comments?

4) How often such we have a Purple Noise thread? Should it be at the same time/date? Current thinking in Friday at noon. That also might be the time that we “clean up” Speak Up by moving all the old comments over.

Feedback appreciated.

UPDATE: I am experimenting with moving comments from Speak Up to here. So, to see the comments that folks have helpfully provided on this topic, you need to scan down. As of right now, the consensus (comment welcome!) seems to be that a) We will do this each Friday at noon with a photo. (All posts will have a Purple Noise category. Do they also need a Purple Noise title for the post itself?) We will move all the current comments from Speak Up to this thread for archiving purposes. But then folks can talk about whatever they want.

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