Kelley kicks off a second run at the governor’s office
By Bill Salisbury
Former state Sen. Steve Kelley went to Mahtomedi High School today to formally announce his second candidacy for governor and outline his plans to improve education in Minnesota […]

He wouldn’t estimate the cost of his plan but acknowledged it would require tax increases combined with “redeploying money we’re already spending.” He said he’d considering raising a variety of taxes — not just income taxes, as some other Democratic candidates has proposed — including a new carbon tax. “It would be a way of raising revenue but also sending a signal about where we ought to go to protect our environment and develop a more energy-efficient economy.”

In addition to investing more in education and making the state’s economy “environmentally sustainable,” he said his other priorities would be ensuring access to affordable health care for all, eliminating the achievement gap and ending discrimination based on sexual orientation. He favors legalizing gay marriage….

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