So, now that I’ve got your attention, who here has experienced Bubble Tea? I have, and it is an utterly unique concoction.

I had it in Singapore many years ago. It is a drink, although you need more than a straw to finish it off. There are lots of variations of the recipe. Mine was milky and sweet, with shaved ice, tapioca pearls and  even beans. My travel partner thought me a brave soul for ordering it, would not consider even a taste, and was horrified when I slurped the whole thing down.  

Bubble Tea is only one of the many delights of the Global Feast being served tomorrow evening at Greylock Dining Hall. If I was on the Williams campus, I would not miss it. The International Club and Dining Services has teamed up to give you curry, and sticky rice, and spring rolls and much more. Yum! 

So, go and have a taste of somewhere else. If you can’t get off campus for a change of pace, this might be the next best thing.

P.S. What strange and exotic food would you like added to this menu?

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