Well, you don’t see this every day.

Under a petition Hooke submitted to the town’s Select Board – approved by a 2-1 vote Monday night – the town will call on Congress to rescind its ban on detainees resettling in the United States, and will welcome Ahmed Belbacha, originally from Algeria, and Ravil Mingazov, arrested in Pakistan, to Amherst. The measure will go before a Special Town Meeting on Nov. 2.

Bold.  Clearly, Amherst College is suffering from some strain of NESCAC Resettlement Envy. Textbook case.   It’s worth noting, too, that the question of whether federal judges have the authority to order detainees released into the USA will go before the Supreme Court this term.  It’s quite possible that the Congressional ban would be affected by that ruling.  Whether Belbacha and Mingazov would even have a strong case for getting into the states under any circumstances (as opposed to the Uighers) is also unclear.

Or, of course, the measure could be purely symbolic.

“This is a typical Amherst thing to do,’’ said Jonathan Tucker, the town’s planning director. “Amherst has a long history of engaging in foreign policy, and it’s not out of character for a New England town to believe it has as much a right to weigh in on foreign policy as the federal or state governments.’”

If detainees end up ever end up being released into the United States, would Williamstown attempt to get in on some resettlement action?

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