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Budget cuts place pressure on student organizations – By Laura Corona
With budget constraints imposed all across campus, student groups have been feeling the pinch to varying degrees. While some groups, including those under the umbrella of the Minority Coalition (MinCo), have been directly affected by budget cuts in terms of the amount of money allocated to them, others are feeling more indirect pressure as former sources of funding tighten their purse strings.

Working for the week – By Abdullah Awad ’13
The problem with Williams students,” remarked a professor recently “is that they’re incredibly nice.” While niceness, in its general definition, is agreed upon to be a “good” quality, the supposed niceness of Williams’ students can be better defined as relying on their ability to conform to pre-existing ideas and the general culture on campus that existed before matriculation. Whether these changes are characteristically an innate quality in the students that end up at Williams or acquired during their stay here, students are interested more in the concept of receiving an education and using it to propel themselves into successful careers, rather than learning for the sake of applying this knowledge within more daily interactions. Many students I’ve spoken to would quickly give up the actual Williams education for a high-paying, secure job.

Op-ed unfairly judges College community – By Pat Chaney ’10
I read Abdullah Awad’s column in the recent issue of the Record (“Working for the Week,” Sept. 30) with considerable unhappiness and feel obliged to respond on behalf of an entire College community that I believe his unfamiliarity with the campus has led him to judge unfairly. Since Awad apparently saw fit to base his opinion in part on the first few weeks of a class involving classical philosophy, I will quote Homer on the subject of alcohol: “Wine can of their wits the wise beguile, / Make the sage frolic, and the serious smile.”

Covering our debt – By The Editorial Board
As an independent student organization, the Record funds its operations entirely through revenue from advertisements and subscriptions. Keeping its accounts through the College Controller’s Office, the paper has historically been solvent enough to keep this exchange limited to a mere operational formality. Recently, advertising and subscription revenues have both dropped significantly due to the larger problems affecting the global economy, and in a week when the newspaper could usually expect multiple full-page ads from consulting firms recruiting on campus and the usual flush of campus and local business ads, there is now only one eighth-page advertisement in the entire newspaper. Often 16 or 18 pages in length in the past, the newspaper now stands at 12 pages for the foreseeable future.

The artist otherwise known as – By Catherine Lamb and Olivia Uhlman
While she has specific preferences for the creation process, Gupit also maintains a relaxed attitude toward the role of art in her future. The first-year is not prepared to follow one rigid and distinct path. “When I think about majoring in art, I’m not set on it. I’m open to any field or any major. I don’t really have plans. I’m not the type to plan. I’m pretty spontaneous,” she said. “Artwork is basically just expressing yourself … you have to look into yourself in order to make art.”
You can enjoy Nicolei Gupit’s work by checking out her Web site:

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