HWC writes:

For all intents and purposes, Gifford was describing the same social fragmentation that launched Morty on his cluster housing kick to start with.

This new Neighborhood Housing report outlines the social fault line in pretty stark terms:

Heavy Drinking


Non Heavy Drinking

It’s the same fault line that has appeared in every other report — the report on Diversity, the report on Alcohol, the report on Athletics. The sad irony is that the below-the-line group is significantly larger in numbers than the above the line group, but they keep bearing the brunt of these social-engineering efforts. One of these days, an administrator is going to wake up and say, ‘wait a minute, why don’t we leave the large below-the-line group alone and address the issue with the smaller above-the-line group? The tail keeps wagging the dog here. White, male, heavy-drinking athletes are a decided minority at Williams college (25% tops), yet they continue to be ID as one side of a fault line that causes friction.


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