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I originally just put this post up as a cryptic comment on housing. I thought the composite spoke for itself.

I have had a request or two to put up the full scans of the yearbook pages I used. Indeed DK did a great series for his class of ’88 reunion and scanned the whole book!

I really don’t want to do that.

These pictures (senior year) would show names, addresses as they were then, fraternity affiliation or NA, and activities.

I think Dave’s case was different: reunion and the full class knowledge and every page of the yearbook. People would drop by, urged on by the reunion chair I’m sure, to share the memories.

This is not the case with my ‘56 classmates. And I’ve only taken six pages at random as I scanned. As different as our time may have been (referred to as the ‘Golden Age’ of men’s colleges and boy’s schools – Thank you, Henry Bass), I am reluctant to put identified individuals on display for study.

But here is what you see. Six pages of yearbook photos made into wallpaper with a repeating pattern. All white. All male. All dressed of the times and very similarly.

Closer examination would show that most belonged to a fraternity. That the interests of the young men were varied. That different interests were present in the same houses.

That home addresses were mostly east coast but with a solid representation from the midwest, and even some west coast students when the train was how you did it. That home addresses were pleasant neighborhoods (even though that may not be true now in some cities).

Most of us might well have been included on the wrong side of the fault line. But we were then, as you can see, unconsolidated material piled together that remained stable because we maintained the angle of repose.

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