All this continuous blogging about noise complaints, restricted parties, lousy housing options and the pressures of the purple bubble has really got this townie wondering…

How come students don’t rent a place in the woods? Finding a rural property within 10 min of Williams is easy. Students could keep their campus housing and pitch in to rent a place in the middle of nowhere dirt cheap.

Have students ever thought about a co op in the mountains of Pownal as a crash pad on the weekends and for events when they want to make some noise? I knew one student who lived up White Oaks road… he was an artist, and had a fantastic rural pad that he lived in for two years. Another student built a log cabin on our property when I was a kid. You all could have a heated pool… a pond, and a huge deck for dancing the night away.

How come you guys don’t rent a place to do as you wish?

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