Installment one of a new Ephblog feature: Williams Trivia Minute, where I (or any other Ephblogger who is so-inclined) steals a question or three from the Trivia archives, a tremendous repository of procrastination material if I’ve ever seen one.  My plan is to repeat this feature whenever Ephblog veers towards the insufficiently trivial (eg, anytime I see a comment like this).  For installment one, it seems appropriate to start with some Williamsiana:

Did you know that West College burned to the ground in 1951?  What is the oldest building on campus that has never burned?  When was it built?  And as a bonus, what current campus building incorporates some of West’s charred remains?

If you’re ready to give up, you can find the answer, along with some other cool Williamsiana, here.

(NB: if you want to simulate the true Williams Trivia experience, stay up for 24 hours straight, consume copious volumes of cheap alcohol, run around like crazy and perform a random sketch, THEN try to answer this question … oh, and be sure to plan a really important meeting for early the next morning).

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