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Athletics Round-Up: NESCAC Championship Edition

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#1 Comment By 1980 On October 28, 2009 @ 1:01 pm

What a great story about Nick Caro!

#2 Comment By frank uible On October 28, 2009 @ 7:15 pm

Not as good as Nick himself.

#3 Comment By 1980 On October 28, 2009 @ 7:23 pm

You are right Frank – it’s a great story about a great kid.

#4 Comment By frank uible On October 29, 2009 @ 12:58 am

Actions speak louder than words.

#5 Comment By frank uible On October 29, 2009 @ 9:19 am

From purely a football standpoint Petropolus’ decision is easy. At Williams he would have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the line of great Williams QBs of recent and not quite recent years. At Amherst in whose footsteps might he follow?

#6 Comment By JeffZ On October 30, 2009 @ 4:04 pm

I was a little off on dates, Williams played Middlebury today to conclude the regular season. Field hockey is getting killed, and men’s soccer continued their frustrating streak against Midd, losing 1-0, but will still host a home playoff game on Sunday (and there is a decent chance they will be playing Midd again on Sunday; the pressure will really be on as they probably need to win to feel good about their NCAA chances). Women’s soccer, however, beat Middlebury, wrapping up their insanely impressive third straight undefeated regular season and the top seed in the NESCAC championships beginning Sunday.

#7 Comment By JeffZ On October 30, 2009 @ 4:05 pm

Frank, are most of the guys on the Williams football team recruited by Amherst, and vice versa? If so, do you have a sense of how Williams does in head-to-head recruiting battles? Just curious.

#8 Comment By frank uible On October 30, 2009 @ 4:59 pm

Don’t know.

#9 Comment By David On October 30, 2009 @ 5:09 pm

Right now, Petropulos is focusing on a pair of New England Small College Athletic Conference rivals, Amherst College and Williams College.

He and Jellison, who visited Amherst (Amherst, Mass.) together, are making an overnight visit to Williams (Williamstown, Mass.) this weekend.

“I’d definitely love to play football in college,’’ Petropulos said, “and at Amherst or Williams I can play baseball, too.’’

I hope they have a good time.

Is it true that only athletic recruits, like Petropulos and Jellison, are allowed to stay overnight during week-end visits? If so, why do athletes get special privileges?

#10 Comment By JeffZ On October 30, 2009 @ 5:21 pm

Good catch on his teammate also visiting Williams, DK. More on Jellison (who sounds like he may be leaning towards Amherst) here:


Williams soccer secured the second seed in NESCAC and will host Conn College on Sunday.

#11 Comment By JG On October 30, 2009 @ 7:05 pm

@David: Don’t know if it’s true that nobody else can ever do it, but I do know that to see games in the sports they might play, sometimes it is necessary to be there on a weekend.

#12 Comment By David On October 30, 2009 @ 7:30 pm

So, presumably, baseball and softball recruits, for example, are not allowed to overnight on fall week-ends . . .

I doubt it!

This is just one way that Williams treats athletic recruits differently from other prospective applicants, while offering some weak tea rationalization for the preference.

It may be a good policy. It may be a bad one. But the first step is to figure out what the policy is, and for the College to not mislead us about the reasoning behind it.

#13 Comment By David On October 30, 2009 @ 8:01 pm

For those interested, here is the College’s official policy on overnight visits.

We are excited to have you visit Williams. We ask you to please bear in mind that, due to the high demand for overnight visits, we need at least 15 days’ notice prior to the visit in order to match you with a host.

Overnights may be scheduled for the dates between October 15 and November 23, and for February 10 to March 5. Additionally, Williams requires that visits take place between Sunday-Thursday. Weekend overnights will not be considered.

Perhaps Petropulos and Jellison are staying overnight on Sunday and missing school on Monday . . .

Am I just imagining that athletic recruits can stay over on Friday and Saturday nights . . .

#14 Comment By frank uible On October 30, 2009 @ 8:46 pm

David: Do you issue a public apology when one of your innuendos proves innaccurate? In case your readers are not knowledgeable, the definition of an innuendo is an Italian suppository.

#15 Comment By nuts On October 30, 2009 @ 10:26 pm

Based on David’s lazy muckraking on this thread (if he were serious he’d do his homework first) and his research on Jim Brown’s history of domestic violence on a thread about Jim Brown’s address to students on campus this week, I would venture to conjecture David is going through stress and needs our support.

#16 Comment By disgusted On October 31, 2009 @ 9:26 am

So much for not using pre-Frosh names to make a point. If I were those football players, googled my name and saw David’s rant, I would go to Amherst. Nice work, David.

#17 Comment By David On October 31, 2009 @ 10:56 am

“lazy muckraking?” What does this even mean? The College has one policy for athletic recruits and one policy for everyone else. Recall this Record article from 2005:

Night of partying sends recruit to hospital

Following a night of heavy drinking, an underage basketball team recruit was taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning two weekends ago after he vomited and failed tests for responsiveness. He was released to his parents the morning of Oct. 23. The incident has led the athletics department to formalize its policy barring prospective athletes from drinking alcohol while visiting the College.

That would be Sunday morning October 23, 2005. So, as of 4 years ago, athletic recruits were allowed to stay over on Saturday nights.

The recruit was rushed to the hospital at about 2 a.m. after his hosts attempted to wake him and called Campus Safety and Security. Security was informed by another student that the recruit had been displaying dangerous signs of inebriation.

Described as a confident and outgoing guy, the recruit started drinking early in the evening while watching the World Series. Afterward, he went with his hosts to a party that was neither sponsored by the College nor affiliated with the basketball team. There, he reportedly drank heavy amounts of hard alcohol, outside of the supervision of his hosts.

Players on the basketball team who were with the recruit claim he exhibited no warning signs prior to being put to bed at about 12:30 a.m.

As a result of this incident, the athletics department plans to put into paper the previously verbal policy about alcohol use by recruits. This will most likely involve the use of a contract and statement signed by parents and recruits pledging not to drink while visiting. A small committee is formalizing the policy, which is already standard in other schools across the nation.

“There will be a new written baseline policy, augmented by individual team rules,” Sheehy said. “Parents and athletes need to realize what our standards are.”

Nothing there about not allowing recruits to visit on weekends anymore. And note that this basketball recruit was not in town to watch a game!

According to Sheehy, no specific precedent exists for this type of issue in the six years that he has been athletics director, though alcohol-related deaths frequency occur at other colleges. About 1,400 college students die each year due to alcohol abuse, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

“We’ve been fortunate, but we need to ensure that we’ve done everything in our power [to prevent injuries],” Sheehy said. “In my opinion, once is too often.”

Some members of the basketball team, however, said they can recall a few incidents in which prospective students ended up in the hospital after drinking too heavily, suggesting either that more incidents have occurred than the administration has been aware of or that the incidents that the players refer to were less serious than what happened last Sunday.

“Administration has been aware of?” Ha! More likely, Harry Sheehy sees no reason to tell the Record the truth . . .

#18 Comment By David On October 31, 2009 @ 2:57 pm

So much for not using pre-Frosh names to make a point.

The origin of that practice was 4 years ago. I believe it was Jeff (among others) who suggested my current practice. I don’t post the names of pre-frosh in a new post and in the same post make a tangentially related political point. For over fours years, I have kept that pledge (with one, contested, counter-example). I have no plans on changing that practice.

But that is not what is going on here. First, this is not my post! I did not know about Petropulos and Jellison. If you are proposing a new rule that, in the comments to posts that mention pre-frosh we can’t discuss anything political, then feel free to make that suggestion. Second, the discussion topic here is not political, at least not in the way that we initially used it with regard to prior examples. (Reasonable people may disagree.)

To the extent that it makes you happy, I won’t mention their names again.

If I were those football players, googled my name and saw David’s rant, I would go to Amherst. Nice work, David.

Fortunately, I doubt that they are as weak-kneed as you appear to be. Ever play football? Ever known any football players? As a rule, they are made of sterner stuff.

#19 Comment By JeffZ On November 1, 2009 @ 7:41 pm

Huge day at NESCAC’s for the Ephs. Men’s and women’s soccer both win in dominant fashion, locking up spots in the NESCAC tourney (and almost certainly in the NCAA tournament). Field hockey stuns Middlebury, who beat the Ephs 7-1 just two days earlier. Men win conference championship in cross country; women come in second. Next weekend women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, and field hockey will all be looking to earn NESCAC titles.

Football meanwhile continues to roll. Middlebury stunned Trinity which means the Ephs now control their own destiny; if they win their next two games, they will finish in no worse than a tie for the conference title with either currently-undefeated Amherst or with Trinity, who plays at Amherst next Saturday. Eph fans are in the unusual position of rooting for Amherst next weekend, as facing an unbeaten Amherst team looking for a conference title would be an incredible end to the season, and if the Ephs pulled out a win, even thought they’d be tied in record, winning the head-to-head would make them a clear number one.

#20 Comment By frank uible On November 1, 2009 @ 8:13 pm

But in the meantime Williams football must face Wesleyan this coming Saturday, which beat Bowdoin which beat Middlebury which beat Trinity which beat Williams.