I’m just curious:  Is there any other blog that is a rough equivalent of Ephblog, meaning, an alumni-created, non-officially-sanctioned, frequently-published blog focusing on a single undergraduate institution, which features a wide variety of participation from alums, students, parents, and even some faculty?  I am aware of student-created blogs like Wesleying, and then there is Am’erst, which is far more sporadically published and includes posts from only one or two alumni authors.  Those are the nearest equivalents I’ve seen.  Wesleying features a list of college blogs, none of which operate remotely like Ephblog.  Interesting, by the way, that the Ephs’ biggest rivals — you can toss in Middlebury — feature, so far as I can tell, the closest approximations to Ephblog.  Must be something about the small, northeast, liberal arts experience.

Perhaps the set of conditions that led to Ephblog (one incredibly devoted — OK, obsessed — founder willing to devote a tremendous amount of time and energy to the blog, a core group of only-marginally-less-obsessed alums, locals and parents highly interested in various aspects of the institution, a wider group of super-devoted / interested / opinionated / articulate alumni, a student and faculty body with a fairly circumscribed set of social options in the immediate viscinity, a slight chip on our collective shoulders about the lack of recognition of Williams and its alums by the general public, and an institution traditionally — and inexplicably — behind the curve when it comes to technological outreach) are rare-bordering-on-unique?

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