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Engel in the Times

Teach Your Teachers Well (NTY Op-ed) – By Susan Engel
Our best universities have, paradoxically, typically looked down their noses at education, as if it were intellectually inferior. The result is that the strongest students are often in colleges that have no interest in education, while the most inspiring professors aren’t working with students who want to teach. This means that comparatively weaker students in less intellectually rigorous programs are the ones preparing to become teachers.

So the first step is to get the best colleges to throw themselves into the fray. If education was a good enough topic for Plato, John Dewey and William James, it should be good enough for 21st-century college professors.

She’s a senior lecturer in psychology and the director of the teaching program here, and a very warm person. I’ve never had much interest in teaching, but I think the op-ed makes many good points. It’s unfortunate that so many of the Ephs who do Teach For America would never consider sending their own kids to the schools in which they work.