Hey Campus,

College Council is proud to announce:
CC’s Great Idea Campaign!

Do you have an idea to improve Williams student life? Need funding?

CC’s Great Idea Campaign is a competition looking for the best ideas for improving student life at Williams. Anyone with a great idea can win!

Submit a 200 word project proposal no later than Friday, November 13 to 10ebb at williams.edu, and you could win CC funding and support to get your project up and running.

What kinds of project ideas are acceptable? The project should be designed to improve some aspect of students’ lives at Williams, but the rest is up to you. Have an idea to improve dorm life? What about social programming? Some example projects from the past include: the textbook reserve program, the former bike share program, and concert funding.

Once again, please submit your 200 word proposal to (redacted for spam prevention) by November 13.

Let the games begin!

Your College Council

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