• Mike McGinn ’82, who is running for mayor of Seattle, reminds you to please mail or drop off your ballot: You can drop your ballot at any of King County Elections’ drop boxes by 8 PM on Election Day.
  • Dan Blatt ’85 analyzes the race in NY-23.
  • Mass MoCA says VOTE VOTE VOTE: “Too-close-to-even-hazard-a-guess elections for mayor in North Adams, Pittsfield, Northampton and probably many other towns and cities across the country that aren’t necessarily on our radar mean that voting is probably the most important thing you can do today.”
  • From Greylocknews: WilliNet to carry live commentary on N.A. mayoral election from 7 p.m. Tuesday / Twitter tag: #namayor
  • From Chap Petersen ’90, Virginia State Senator and Creigh Deeds backer: “Please everyone get out and vote.  Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.  in their usual locations.”
  • Marc Lynch published an article in The National about what happens when Islamists don’t get to be democrats.
  • Derek Catsam ’93 provides an update on elections in Tunisia and Mozambique, as well as other African political news.
  • Ken Dilanian ’91 looks at the impact of US foreign aid to promote democracy in Egypt.
  • Martha Coakley ’75 received an endorsement from the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus.
  • Stephen O’Grady ’97 writes a heartfelt essay on why he’s voting No on 1 in Maine, which concludes thusly (read the whole thing):

    We have, sadly, not always lived up to the promise of our forefathers. It took us 191 years to guarantee people the right to marry irrespective of the color skin they were born with. It is my sincere hope that we don’t deny committed couples the right to marry for another 191 years based on the sexual preference they were born with.

    I am fortunate that the law says that I may marry the person that I love. I cannot imagine what I would do if it said otherwise. Please. If you are registered here in Maine and you believe in the rights that make this country worth dying for, vote No On 1.

    O’Grady also posts this video of WWII vet and lifelong Republican Philip Spooner:

  • Stephen Rose ’58: Prepping for A Democratic Bloodbath
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